Developed a custom WordPress theme, implemented it, created several custom content types and wrote the JavaScript and methods for pulling that information and creating the slides. The app (built by Appsurdity) launched in beta on Feb 8th, 2013. This site was built using responsive CSS for multiple display sizes and orientations, to remove the necessity, […]



The purpose of this site is to reconnect people to each other in a world that is progressing to leave people feeling more isolated and lonely. Cards are offered to promote and reinforce the behavior we would like to see in the world. If this peaks your interest, follow along, there are more tools to […]



Responsible for creating a custom solution for the clients requirements using WordPress as the CMS. This is an HTML5/CSS3 site leveraging some WP plugins and a lot of jQuery. We are very proud of this as a representation of the flexibility and extendibility of WordPress.



I was brought on to support an aggressive timeline for site redesign and led the way being assigned the task of turning designs into templates ready for implementation. I was responsible for a major part of HTML5/CSS and supported with some JavaScript, jQuery and custom jQuery plugins. Participated in daily meetings and input on efficient […]