Design Canopy

A brief overview of some of the services we provide.

Web Design/Development

There is one thing that is never changing for Design Canopy… Do it well every time. We take pride in not only using latest technologies, CSS3, HTML5, JS libraries, etc, but also in clean, simplified code that is far less prone to bugs and always beneficial where SEO is involved. You can rest assured that your site will be built with quality solutions that are clean, minimal and expandable. They will also provide a backend, being built on WordPress, to allow updates, menu changes, widget creation, galleries and pretty much all content to be updated by you! Great, right?

Brand Development

Branding can be the key to legitimizing your business. You want your brand to have an image so powerful, so distinguishing and so awe-inspiring that it stands out, sets you apart and draws in your demographic. You want to be unique and fresh, right? That’s where we come in! Our goal is a standout approach that will put your image above the rest, leaving a lasting impression of a developed brand that people will recognize. This can include print materials like business cards, flyers, etc… to T-shirt design, vehicle wraps and more!

Social Profiles

At this point, everyone is familiar with Social media, but there are still many businesses and brands that aren’t leveraging that for recognition, exposure and validation of their business. Grassroots efforts, businesses having a voice and sharing what they are about have a big effect on brand loyalty from it’s patrons. Not to mention the benefits when it comes to networking and search engines. The old days of gimmicks and content trickery are over, now the value is in leveraging social media and creating quality content. We will assist all along the way!

Digital Marketing

We cover a wide spectrum of digital marketing; Ranging from video to text ads, banner design to search engine optimization (SEO)/ search engine management (SEM) and email marketing. Whatever you would like your focus to be, we can handle. Or, if you aren’t sure, you can leverage our years of experience to efficiently optimize the impact of your budget!

In addition to this foundational services, there are a large array of additional design services and consulting that Design Canopy offers. Being very passionate and curious about design means, taking interested in a vast variety of subject matter.

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